Sam Hill: Monday

October 3, 2017

I'll be honest- I'm not really feelin' it today. Like most of you, I'm in shock and horrified by the news I woke up to today. In moments like these (not that anything is quite like this), I find that I have a lot of trouble putting my thoughts into words. I just feel numb, trapped and  helpless. When I see people in pain, I want to fix it somehow. I want answers as to how someone could begin to justify the horrible act of murdering innocents. I don't have the words though to express is eloquently as many other do- so I find sometimes I have to rely on the comforting words of those around me and those I follow on social. I've read recounts of people's bravery and selflessness during the horror. There will more stories like that and those are the ones I want to read. I want to honor the victims, not give attention to a killer. I will not let evil make me fearful. We need to hold our loved ones close and mourn those here in the US and around the world who don't have that option or maybe never did.

I did read a couple of heartwarming things today,  maybe you heard me mention one or two on the show. One is of an anonymous couple in Pennsylvania that for years has paid for other people's meals. Only recently has their goodwill received attention, but they still remain anonymous because they just want to be kind to strangers- they don't want any attention. Read HERE for some warm and fuzzies.

A couple of days ago, Kelly Clarkson released the track listing for her new album. Meaning of Life will be out on Oct. 27th and you can see the whole track list HERE

If you work in an office, turns out you might only be productive 2 hours and 53 minutes of each day. Ruh-roh. Read the results of the survey HERE

Please be good to yourself today.