Sam Hill: New Christmas Music from Sia, Harry Potter's New Game and I Met John Henson!

November 9, 2017

Did Alexa really throw a party when no one was home? One guy in Germany said she did! Now, I've had my Alexa talk on her own before and she's responded to TV commercials as well a couple of times, but this story just seems so unlikely. 

While I was doing my show today- John Henson popped in! He was doing an interview for our sister station, Comedy 103.1. I LOVE him and was a huge fan of his time on Talk Soup. In fact, the bit that stood out the most to me (I told him about it) was one of his favorites as well and he was so happy I remembered it. I don't get super excited meeting very many people but John was one I'd always wanted to meet. Best day ever! 

Wanna hear a new Christmas tune from Sia? I do! I do! The full album Everyday is Christmas comes out on the 17th. 

Harry Potter fans- you gotta hear this! There is a new mobile game coming out (I hear it's similar to Pokemon Go) that's all about the world of Harry. Read more here! 

It's almost Friday!