Sam Hill: New Peeps and Where to Get 'Em Plus The Return of the Banana Phone!

February 27, 2018

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There are new Peeps flavors but if you want to try the lot of them, you'll have to hit up King Soopers, Target and Walmart depending on whether you want to try 'mystery' flavors, filled Neopolitan or pancakes and syrup. 

Miss the old days when you had your stylin' Nokia phone? Well, you can get a Nokia 8110 4G... and the price is awesome! This might be the perfect phone for those of you trying to break your addiction to all those apps and games. You'll still get your Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps, plus the game Snake. This is real, guys! The Banana Phone is back!

You ready for a "Fresh Prince" reboot? What it it's "Fresh Princess" instead? There's word that could be happening.