Sam Hill: New Shero Barbie Dolls, Creepy Alexa, Shaq's Bday Balloons and More!

March 7, 2018

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While most of us were sleeping here in Colorado, a giant asteroid passed by Earth. Well, it was over 900,000 miles away but close enough to be considered 'dangerous.' Would you rather know that an asteroid was coming and could potentially destroy us or would you rather be like the dinos and not even know it was coming until KABLAM? Read more about the latest close encounter with an asteroid here!

Barbie's 'Shero' program announced 17 new dolls that honor modern and historically influential women! I love this!

Shaq celebrated his birthday in a unique way- he tied $500 to some balloons and just released it into the sky. I highly recommend if you do the same, at least put that cash in a plastic baggie or something so it doesn't get ruined!

Is Alexa really laughing unprompted? If so, totally creepy. I have an echo dot and at times, it has definitely started chatting when I haven't prompted it to do so, but this random laughter thing is creepy af. 


So, Record Store Day is coming next month... lotsa cool vinyl coming to snatch up, naturally... but AC/DC is going retro in a whole different way by releasing 2,500 copies of their 1980 album "Back in Black" on freakin' CASSETTE. WHAT!!!!

How drunk and stupid do you have to be to get hit by your own car? Evidently as drunk and stupid as this dude.