Sam Hill: One Dollar Robber, Kelly Clarkson's TWO New Tunes, Katy Perry Stuck on a Planet and More!

October 20, 2017

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As of yet, Starbuck's hasn't officially released their holiday cup design...  but a Reddit user claimed to have a pic of what we are to expect. The post was pulled down but that certainly didn't stop people from grabbing screenshots first and starting to complain. Could it be a fake? Who knows until Starbuck's officially rolls 'em out. One think I know, if this is something we continue to argue about, there truly is no hope for the human race. 

Did you hear about the robbery where Two Guys Only Asked for ONE Dollar??? 

If you're a huge Harry Potter fan, you can now go to Wizardry School in Texas. No, this is not a drill!!! And it's not for kiddos, it's for grown-ups. I would like to think I'm a Gryffindor but I bet I'd end up in Hufflepuff. Bleah.

Kelly Clarkson has shared TWO new tunes with us- first, the title track from her upcoming album (Meaning Of Life- out next Friday, Oct. 27th) AND a holiday tune!!! Meaning of Life was one I happily previewed at Kelly's house in Nashville earlier this month. Could I love this woman any more? 

One last tidbit for today- Katy Perry got 'stuck' on a planet that was supposed to lower her down to the stage during her show in Nashville... she's forced to adlib while techs figure out how to safely get her down. See where she lands!

Have a lovely weekend friends!