Sam Hill: People Are Freaking Out Over a Pop Tart/Cheese Sandwich, Clone Your Pup and More!

November 15, 2017

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It's Wednesday! Only one week and one day until Thanksgiving. Geez... it felt like September and October just whooshed by and now November is following suit. 

Did you see Pink on Carpool Karaoke??? It was awesome as you'd expect. Watch watch watch!

Evidently, Demi Lovato has recorded a duet with Luis Fonsi! I can't wait to hear it.. it comes out on Friday per Luis' teaser. 

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Taylor Swift announced a couple days ago she will be playing Sports Authority Field on May 25th. Tix will go on sale Dec. 13, but there is a presale for fans through Ticketmaster's Verified Fan- more information can be found here.

Welp, you can now clone your beloved dog or cat thanks to a Texas company called Viagen. Viagen has been cloning livestock for a long time and has now branched into the domestic pet realm. The cost is freakin' steep though.. $50,000!!!! Read more here. I'll be honest, I would love to have a clone of my sweet kitty Ruby, who passed away a couple of years ago. 

For a while now we've had apps that can add makeup to a face (nice for sprucing up that selfie before you post it)... but now there's an app the REMOVES the makeup from any face in a photo. Huh? I read the article and realized that there was a larger purpose here- this app can be used to help identify victims of human trafficking- for example, when showing a photo of a young girl to her family, the heavy makeup she's been forced to wear might disguise her identity. I'm glad I read the whole article, because my first reaction to this was like.. geez, now another thing that can make us feel bad about ourselves- sadly, I bet that's what the app will be used for mostly. 

And finally- have you heard of the Pop Tart Cheese Sandwich? It's this week's most viral... thing. I don't know why people are freaking out over this- apple pie served with cheese isn't anything new, so why would this be so shocking? True, it's a pop tart with a gross piece of processed cheese, but you get my point.