Sam Hill: Pie Tops, AuNaturAlice and More!

March 6, 2018

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Merriam-Webster has added 850 words to the dictionary- some of them felt a bit overdue in my humble opinion... like Dumpster-Fire, Glamping and Wordie. 

You remember Pizza Hut's Pie Tops - the shoes that could order a pizza for you? Well, those weren't available for sale, but there will be 50 pairs of Pie Tops II available on March 19th. 

Pharrell's latest adventure outside of music is a shoe line with Adidas. 

I'm so excited about this spring's AuNaturAlice lineup! We're up to show 15! Secondhand Serenade, Gavin James, Rozzi and Whitney Woerz will be joining us on April 5th at the Soiled Dove Underground. And this time around, we decided to make the tickets SUPER affordable- $10.59! That's it for one of my favorite nights of music. Tickets will go on sale this Friday at 10am. You can check out our concert calendar for more. This one sells out every year and with that ticket price, they'll go even faster. So set a reminder for those babies!

One last thing... it was announced yesterday that Black Mirror will be renewed for a 5th season!! Wahoo!