Sam Hill: Rats, Horsey Hotel, Name That Tune and #metoo

October 17, 2017

Welcome to Tuesday friends!

I need to mention the #metoo that's been floating around social media the past couple of days. I'm proud of all the friends and aquaintences that have stepped up to courageously tell their stories of harrassment and/or sexual abuse. So many people that I know very well have shared deeply personal experiences. Things that I had wished I'd known about before so I could have been there to support them, but before now, many were too embarrassed, too ashamed to put it out there for the world to see. Because so many of us are breaking down those walls by sharing those painful stories that may have been secrets for years, I feel we could start to get somewhere. Love to anyone who has struggled through something so horrible and I thank each and every one of you for having the strength to share. This is not the time to be afraid- this is the time to be strong. 

RATS! Yeah, Orkin put out their yearly list of the Top 50 Rattiest Cities in the country. We're on it... find out where, HERE

This lady decided to challenge a motel's "pet friendly" policy and it's awesome. 

This seems like something my hubby would LOVE to do. I love Star Wars as well, but I don't know that I'd want that much attention on my home. But dude, you gotta give this guy props for a kick-ass Halloween display.

A couple reminders that I'm in FULL countdown mode for Kelly Clarkson's new album, "The Meaning Of Life" AND Rachel Platten's new one, "Waves." Two albums from two strong, beautiful, smart, funny and kind women. Both come out Oct 27th!! If you missed the vid for Rachel's single, Broken Glass... here you go!

You think you'd rock at Name That  Tune? Well, you might just get your chance as the classic game show is about to get a reboot! More HERE

That's all I have for today!