Sam Hill: Self-Driving Cars, Butt-Dials and Stop Taking Your Shoes Off On Planes!

November 21, 2017

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Self-driving cars are getting closer and closer to being a reality for pretty much everyone, including Uber!

I've had a couple close calls with butt-dials in my past- thank goodness, I've never been nailed doing or saying something truly awful. Imagine getting busted partying underage because you buttdialed 9-1-1?

Because people won't stop taking their shoes off on planes - British Airways has done a new survey to find out what people think is ok for plane travel. Even though a majority thought taking shoes off is ok, it's still not, according to experts- read the results of the survey here.

This next story is about a little girl who was injured in the Manchester bombing 6 months ago- she finally was able to return to her favorite activity- karate! You are going to LOVE her. 

What did you think of Noah Mac's rendition of Speed of Sound on The Voice? I'm certainly not hating on it like some people are- I thought it was a unique and cool cover!