Sam Hill: Shaveducking, Expired Cereal and Alexa's Laugh is Different

March 8, 2018

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Happy International Women's Day!!! 

Just yesterday I was talking about the weird random laugh from Alexa some Amazon Echo users were experiencing. Amazon has addressed it and I can confirm that the trigger phrase has most definitely been changed because I tried it on my Echo Dot this morning. 

Did you hear about the Colorado family that purchased the massively expired cereal? So so so so yucky. 

Kelly Clarkson took the children's book that Hoda Kotb wrote for her adopted daughter and turned it into a song! Is someone cutting onions in here?

Someone is lookin' to get a 3.5 million dollar payday after this super rare baseball card heads to auction. 

I had not heard of this "shaveducking." It's apparently when you only like someone for their facial hair. 

Looks like you'll be able to buy a flying car within the next couple of years. If you're rich, that is. 

And yes, evidently Katy Perry has a secret talent. Ew. It makes me think of a frog.