Sam Hill: Wear An Ugly Sweater- Board Early, Smart Shower Doors and Bye Bye Shazam?

December 12, 2017

© Arkady Vyrlan | Dreamstime


Hi there!

Gimpy here, I mean, Sam...yeah, I feel like I'm never going to walk correctly again. You know when you hurt a body part or have surgery (or even a bad cold) and you look at everyone else who's healthy and think... "They are taking it for granted!!!!" Haha! That always happens to me. I've been watching a lot of Hallmark recently and there are a decent amount of NordicTrack commercials. Every time one comes on and I see those ultra in shape people climbing up and up and yell at them that they are lucky their knees are working! I blame painkillers. 

If you love ugly Christmas Sweaters remember this Friday is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and if you are flying Alaska Airlines, looks like you'll get to board early if you're wearing one! Fun! 

Shazam has been sold to Apple (of course) and at this point, we don't know if the app as it is will stick around. BOO!

Do you think Marriott Hotel's idea of a smart shower door is cool or creepy? 

Did you see this toddler signing "Help" from Santa's lap? It's so funny!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for listening and reading!