Sam Hill: What Scares Us Most, Irony and The Only US City That's a Must-Visit

October 25, 2017

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I'm hoping I can get outside this afternoon and at least take a quick walk... it's so warm and beautiful out!! Of course, tomorrow will not be warm at all as we're expecting some rain/snow. Gotta love Colorado. 

The travel people at Lonely Planet have released their list of must-see places for 2018. Check out the full list HERE, including the shocker of the one city in the US to make it to teh Top 10 (it's Detroit).

I'm pretty certain the most ironic thing you'll read/see today is this story about a garbage truck rolling into a gift shop called... get this.... A Beautiful Mess. Read up HERE

What do you think we are most afraid of in the state of Colorado? The people at ADT have determined through some research (what people search online) what the think biggest fears are in each state. I'll help out a bit with phobias you might not be familiar with... I think I got most of 'em from the map. If you want to see a HUGE list of fears to determine which one you personally might suffer from - CLICK HERE! I definitely suffer from Pediophobia... which is the fear of dolls. 

Trypophobia- the fear of holes

Brontophobia- the fear of thunder and lightning

Gamophobia- the fear of commitment

Coulrophobia- the fear of clowns

Triskaidekaphobia- the fear of the number 13

 Xenophobia- the fear of people from other countries

Phasmophobia- the fear of ghosts

Thalassophobia- the fear of the sea

Have a great rest of your day - remember, we're supposed to get SNOW tomorrow!