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Sam Hill: Reusable Toilet Paper- Wow or Ew?

Would you use reusable toilet paper? I have concerns about this... mostly regarding contaminating. And then there's just the EW factor. ‘Family Cloth’ (AKA Reusable Toilet Paper) Is A Thing And I Tried It — Scary Mommy (@ScaryMommy) March 16, 2018... Read More

Watch: Taylor vs. Kenzo... Too Similar?

Taylor's new vid for "Delicate" has been released. Once again it's a love/hate situation. Some critics are apparently saying Tay's vid rips off the Kenzo fragrance ad from a couple years ago. So take a look first at Taylor's. Video of Taylor Swift - Delicate And here's that ad from Kenzo... Video... Read More

Sam Hill: Doomsday Prep, Amazon Sells Tiny Homes and More!

Hey- just when you thought you could buy everything but a house on Amazon... we find out you CAN actually buy a house on Amazon. A tiny house, but a house nonetheless. #TinyHouse You can actually buy a (tiny) house on Amazon | Read More

Sam Hill: Pie Tops, AuNaturAlice and More!

Merriam-Webster has added 850 words to the dictionary- some of them felt a bit overdue in my humble opinion... like Dumpster-Fire, Glamping and Wordie. You remember Pizza Hut's Pie Tops - the shoes that could order a pizza for you? Well, those weren't available for sale, but there will be 50 pairs... Read More

Sam Hill: Finally, a Good Reason To NOT Make Your Bed

The legos of the future will be made of a sustainable plastic! But I bet it will still hurt like hell when you step on 'em. Making all LEGOs from BIOPLASTIC by 2030 "It sounds highfalutin, but it's our belief that we owe it to children not to damage their planet by making their favorite toy," said... Read More