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Slacker and Steve - Cheapskates (Audio)

January 23, 2017

Cheapskates. We all know one. Maybe you know a friend, maybe it’s your parents or maybe even it’s you that have bizarre methods on how to save a buck. We found a post on Reddit that asked its users to share their childhood memories of what crazy ways their parents used to save money. Here are a few examples, can you relate?
1. "My mom tried to convince the ticket guy at the movies my brother was 12.  He was 19 and smoking a cigarette."
2. "When I was in junior high, I wanted weights to bulk up for sports.  My dad filled two big Folgers coffee cans with cement and stuck them on a sawed off broom handle."
3. "When we demolished our brick garage, my dad made us clean every brick with a pickaxe and line them up around the house for future use.  [It took] one year of backbreaking effort and they're still there eight years later."
4. "They'd collect all the pieces of soap when the bars get too small to use, put them in pantyhose, and hang them from the shower head.  You're supposed to lather up your hands and use that soap until it's gone."
5. "My dad would build up speed, then turn the engine off and coast down to five miles-per-hour to save gas.  He did that while my friends were in the car."

What crazy things have you done to save a buck? What makes you a cheapskate?