Ask us Anything

January 4, 2016

Its that time of year, resolutions, diet plans, gym memberships. But we are certain that with all the crazy history behind our show, you might have some questions you would like answered. Give us a ring and let us know what you would like to know!

Slacker said a long time ago a woman named Terry mashed her words together and said Hi and Yes at the same time, and it came out YI! And then the following days one of their callers came on the air saying YI, and after that it just took off. Slacker was asked about a past relationship and said that the reason he broke up with his long term girlfriend was because she didnt want to get serious and he couldnt deal with her doing that anymore. Slacker was asked what bands he had been in previouslyand divulged that he was in the band Warrant for a little bit, but spent most of his time with the band Intense. A few years ago, Slacker passed out while on the air and explained how he had a clogged artery, most likely due to the stress from the day as well as his families history with high cholesterol. Slacker mentioned that White Trash News Flash is put together by he and Steve from small news events and done in real time with sound effects. Slacker was asked whether or not he and Steve were friends outside of work, and they both said yes they were friends although they didn't hangout all the time at each others houses.

Steve said that his personal trainer was getting her hair done and was talking to her hairdresser, and her hairdresser wanted to know what ever happened to a guest on the show (during Great Mate Debate) who was going to marry a guy who had the last name of Tinkle. She didnt want to be called Tammy Tinkle but there was never a resolution to the GMD. So Lil D was sent out to find the answer. (See below) Steve also said that he was dating someone, and while its not exclusive, she was very special. Someone wanted to know what Steve's name was and after much shuffling of his feet he gave it up, and no, it wasnt Kosmo. Steve said that White Trash News Flash is the most polarizing segment on the show. Steve said that his families money comes from the early days of the technology boom, but that he isn't a blueblood.

Lil D said that he found the guest on GMD who was struggling with the last name she would have once she was married,and the mystery was solved. Tammy Tinkle not only took his last name, but she embraced her new name as well. Their 3 kids all have names that start with T, like her husband Tommy Tinkle. Lil D also mentioned that his experience with past radio hosts makes him believe that the Slacker and Steve radio team get along well and that they all hangout before the show everyday.

Intern Scott