Bad Boss

January 25, 2016

Bad news if you're a Dr. Phil fan...apparently, he is terrible to work for. We'll tell you what he did to his employees and we want to hear the worst thing a boss has ever done to you at 5!
Did Dr. Phil Illegally Detain 300 Employees to Find Out Who Leaked Something to the Media? 
DR. PHIL is being sued by a former employee who claims she was held against her will, while her boss tried to find out who leaked information to the media.

Leah Rothman says that last March, she and 300 other employees were detained in a room together, with SECURITY GUARDS manning the doors, because Dr. Phil wanted to catch the rat.  They also had to give up their cell phones.
Rothman claims Dr. Phil was reading off cue cards, and saying things like, quote, "If you [eff] with me, I'll [eff] with you."
The kicker is that she learned later on that Dr. Phil always knew who leaked the info . . . he was just trying to scare everyone else.  She tried to talk to human resources about it, but they ignored her.  She claims she was under so much emotional stress she had to quit several weeks later. 

She's suing Dr. Phil, his production company, and CBS for false imprisonment, emotional distress, whistle blower retaliation, and wrongful termination.  There's no word how much money she wants.

Candy called because her boss fired her after he repeatedly tried to steal cash and embezzle company funds. He was found later in the week that he had been busted with 6 pounds of cocaine and what was left of the stolen money. John called in to the show to talk about his boss who made him pick up his “girlfriend” and drive her to the airport, and then wait for his wife at the airport to drive her home. Sarah is a nanny, and went with the family on a vacation and had to row them across the lake while the parents screamed at her.

Slacker said that Steve can’t be the boss because he would hire only 22 year old gorgeous interns, and that once Steve pulled a nutter, everyone would quit and the show would be sunk. Slacker’s favorite news story was where an employee crashed a car and had to pay $50k because the car was not insured.

Steve said that technically they are not the boss of Lil D, since they can’t fire him, but that they can yell at him a lot. Steve said he thinks Dr Phil is a great boss and dealt with terrible employees and motivated them.

Lil D agrees with Steve and thinks that Dr Phil is a great boss man and that tough love is needed. Lil D’s favorite story was the boss who made his employee dumpster dive for his dentures, which were never found.

Intern Scott