Disney Princess vs Zombies

February 19, 2016

If there was a zombie apocalypse and the government was assigning one Disney princess to each household to help fight off the zombies, what princess would you want to fight by your side?

Slacker said: Steve is going to have trouble with this because he doesnt have kids. But if there was a zombie apocalypse, Slacker asked Steve what would he do? Slacker said that Elsa should be barred from the contest because she is too powerful and its not fair to use her. Slacker was concerned that if he picked Mulan he would have to get into hand to hand combat with the zombies.

Steve said: He didnt know that if he gets killed by a zombie he turns into one. Steve said he didnt see the movie so he has no idea which Princess to choose. He also wondered which of the Princesses was the hottest.

Lil D said that he would pick Mulan because she has a sword and knows how to use it.

I would have to pick Pocahontas because she can survive in the wilderness.

We want to know, if you had to pick a Disney princess to fight with you in a zombie apocalypse, which one would you choose?

Intern Scott