Distracted Drivers

January 25, 2016

Distracted drivers are all over the road. Are you one or have you seen one?

A Minnesota man ticketed for distracted driving had a novel excuse -- he was engrossed in a James Patterson novel.
The Eagan Police Department said the man was pulled over when an officer noticed the motorist didn't appear to be watching the road.

The officer asked the man what he was looking at and he responded that he was reading "a James Patterson book" on his tablet.

"The nicest guy, obviously not the smartest thing to do while driving. Very dangerous. But he kind of got it, knew he made a mistake and the officer went back and ended up giving him a citation," police spokesman Officer Aaron Machtemes told KMSP-TV.

Machtemes offered some advice for the James Patterson-loving driver: "Stay alive, don't novel and drive."
The spokesman said most distracted driving cases these days involve smartphones, but officers also see other unusual activities being carried out by motorists.
"Just recently, as of today, I heard of a lady with big curls in her hair and as she's driving she's taking her curls out with her knees up on the wheel," Machtemes said.
Slacker said, if you are going to be a distracted driver, at least don’t tell the cop the truth, lie to him!

Steve said that its always best to tell cops the truth because they hate it when everyone lies to them.

Lil D saw a bad distracted driver fighting, literally, with his wife. He called the cops and hopefully sent that dude to jail! Do Not Pass Go!

Intern Scott