Drunk or Kid?

January 8, 2016

Whether its skating off a roof top or catching your kitchen on fire, all of us have done things either as a kid or when we were drunk that could be confused for the other. Whats your funniest "drunk or kid" story? Little D starts off the game by reading a few stories and Slacker and Steve try to guess the right answer. 

First story, I was in my underwear and t-shirt, and pulled over after a high speed chase in a powerwheel at 1am in the morning. Second story, I was on a bridge and leaned over to look down and see what was below and fell 30 feet below and landed on a river bank.
Slacker said that Lil D does this all the time and he is not sure if its a kid or a drunk person, but is going with a drunk person because Lil D plays mental games with him all the time. For the second story, Slacker guessed it was a kid and struck out again. 
Steve guessed "kid" for the first story because Slacker guessed drunk, and it paid off in spades! For the second story, Steve went with kid and was disappointed that Slacker also guessed kid since they both lost.

Intern Scott