Frustrated Fundraiser

February 19, 2016

Today's #OPP comes from Heidi who is tired of fundraising for her daughter's school. She wants to teach her daughter to be philanthropic, but also believes the school is holding too many fundraisers. She feels as though she is being taken advantage of and that enough is enough. She loves being involved with her daughter and believes that it is good to be able to give back, but now her daughter wants to join the Girl Scouts and Heidi feels that she will wind up doing all the work. 

Slacker wanted to know, where can she draw the line? At what point can someone say they gave at the office?  It seems like as soon as one campaign ends another one begins. How does a parent balance the finite amount of time they have with their kids versus the obligations created by the school and other social activities? Slacker said that being a kid today is totally different and that they have schedules like the CEOs of fortune 500 companies.

Steve said that he doesn't think Heidi is being selfish, but he also worries that her child could get ostracized socially if she doesn't participate enough. Steve said that he wasn't being condescending, he just wants to learn, but he did say that it's the parent's resposibility since they brought them into the world. Steve also said, "Man up and be a Mom!"

What would you say to Heidi? 

Intern Scott