Girl Scout Cookies

February 19, 2016

Today is a special day, it only happens once a year. Slacker and Steve are going to buy 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from one lucky girl, and upset a lot of others in the process. 

Slacker said that he wasnt even sure if they can buy 100 boxes because they only have $300. The sales pitch had better be good because were only taking one winner. Slacker also said that if you are a soccer mom who believes a participation trophy is good, today might not be the day for you. Todays is the not friend business, its show business.

Steve wondered why would he be buying Gluten Free cookies, since that would be paying more for something less? Steve also said that people better be prepared to have the door shut on them, it toughens them up for the real world. 

Are you ready to give us your best sales pitch?

Intern Scott