GMD: Gay Ex-Husband

February 18, 2016
In today’s GMD Sams husband Mark is upset because she has been spending a lot of time with her ex-husband Drew who is gay and that is why they split up. Sam had no idea when he left her and openly admits that they probably would still be together if he was not gay. She moved on and met Mark and things have been great. Drew and her reconnected and they have become best friends. Sam says there is a reason they were married which is why they are best friends. Mark is not okay with it but Sam says it is not a big deal because he is gay. Mark says it was 9 months ago when they started hanging out and is uncomfortable with how close they are. Mark says even if there is nothing going on he is still stressed about it. He thinks that because they are married she should respect the fact that he is uncomfortable. Mark does not want her to never hang out with Drew again just not as much. Sam didn’t want to end the marriage and now she is hanging out with him. Mark says it is not the issue that he is gay his issue is that they spend so much time together and that Drew is her ex.

Slacker thinks this is weird and agrees with Mark. He thinks everyone will agree with Mark. He says being friends with an ex is never a good idea.

Steve says they have learned through the show that if one is doing something that makes the other uncomfortable they should at least talk about it. He seems to be on Marks side.

Is Sam in the right or Mark?