February 16, 2016
Some fights are short and sweet and then they're over with. Other fights last for years! Those, we call grudges! In a suburban neighborhood just outside Chicago, a dog poop dispute has officially gotten out of control. For example a woman who owns four dogs was so tired of neighbors complaining about the barking and the poop in the yard that she struck back by painting her house multiple, ugly colors. The 55 year old dog owner and homeowner Julie Dombroski painted bright orange, yellow, and purple stripes on her house but only on the side that faces her complaining neighbor. The cops were able to intervene regarding the dog mess, but unfortunately for Julie’s neighbors there are no laws in the area regarding paint colors. 

Slacker has a grudge against a company that is not his style. He walked into the store and 3 steps in the door all the workers swarmed him asking him if he is in there to purchase for his niece and nephew implying he is old and should not buy there items. His grudge goes so far that he doesn’t like people who are wearing their clothes

Steve has a grudge against a street he says everyone drives 35mph or 40mph when the speed limit is 55mph keeping him from driving on that street which happens to be the quickest route to work for him.

Lil’ D has a grudge against someone in the media. He has had a battle over interns with a guy who has a similar job in television. This guy came in and did an interview to be an intern for Alice 105.9 and he only showed up once. About a month later he told lil’ D that he is an intern in television now. He worked his way up and is now stealing his interns.  

What grudge are you holding onto?