I Witnessed History

January 19, 2016

Reddit recently asked users when they've witnessed history, and here's one of the submissions: 
- Little known to most people, there was a water main break in the parking lot behind the century 16 movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado the night of the shooting. I was a utility locator at the time and I was on call. My job was to find the gas electric and phone lives in the area of the break. We were working less than 100 feet from the door the shooter used. The reports stated the shooting started at 12:35 am. The next morning when I heard about it and where it was, I looked up my report that gets time stamped when it is completed. I closed the report and left the site at 12:32 am. 3 minutes before the shooting started.
When have you witnessed history?
Slacker couldn’t remember something he actually witnessed historically; he’s seen them on TV but doesn’t think that counts. He says that he was flipping through channels and saw an episode about a plane crash in Mead and remembers his parents talking about the situation and witnessing it as children. Slacker says that he wants to be in an earthquake, but not one that’s too serious or damaging.
Steve says that its rare people actually witness something in person, they normally just see it when everyone else does. He thinks there was probably a bunch of people who drove in to see the World Trade Center on 9/11, but that he wouldn’t have been one of them. He says that Slacker and himself are lame and haven’t witnessed anything cool like the callers have.

-Intern Jorden