Identity Theft

January 5, 2016
In a video posted online, a customer is seen confronting a barista in an incredibly uncomfortable showdown at a California Starbucks. Juana Martinez alleges that she noticed a $200 charge on her credit card for groceries. She looked at the store's surveillance video of the transaction and says she recognized the alleged thief as the Starbucks barista.
Slacker says that he's been a victim of identity theft before, not too long ago. He says that his wife went to a restaurant and ordered food for take-out, his wife paid with a credit card and left. Later that night his phone kept going off with notifications of his credit card asking about certain charges. His wife emailed the restaurant's district manager to deal with the server who stole the card number. He says that it's so easy nowadays to buy stuff online because all you need is the card number with the expiration date. 
Steve says that if it were to happen to him, he would go back to where it happened and say something to the person who stole the card from him. He says that he has a friend who would go to Las Vegas all the time and claim credit card theft after he would rack up thousands of dollars. He also says that one time he was at a car wash, there was a woman who swiped her card and it wouldn't stop running up a tab so she had to stay at the car wash. 
Have you ever had to deal with identity theft? 

Intern Jorden