January 12, 2016

Tila Tequila Can't Believe the Earth is Round Because Airplanes Can Land and Buildings Aren't Tilted  
We haven't heard from TILA TEQUILA for a while, and here's why that's a good thing:  Yesterday she went on a Twitter rant about how the believes THE EARTH IS FLAT. She said, quote, "It's 2016 & nobody's been able 2 prove 2 me that the earth is round.  Where is the curvature in the horizon?" 
"Why are all the buildings in NYC standing straight up?  If Earth was round then some of the buildings would have a slight tilt." "If the Earth was a spinning globe then how come airplanes can still land w/out crashing?  Because the face of the earth is flat.  Not a globe.”
Everyone’s had a moment in time where they did or said something that made them feel like an idiot, what’s your best story?

Slacker says that if Steve’s an idiot, then what is he?! He says that instead the topic should be called smoking thoughts, because that’s what everyone calling in is talking about. He didn’t understand the difference between Washington State, and Washington D.C. for the longest time.

Steve says that he’s a self-proclaimed idiot, and Slacker agrees with him. Neither Slacker nor Steve had any idea how Tila Tequila even became famous, or why she still is. 

-Intern Jorden