February 19, 2016

People say all kinds of things about karma. Some people believe in karma (Slacker) and others don't (Steve), but one thing is for sure, when karma comes to get you, at least you'll have a good tale to tell. 

A Guy with Road Rage Drives Straight Into a Tornado
Some guy in Pompano Beach, Florida accidentally drove straight into the path of a TORNADO Tuesday morning.  And his dash-cam footage is all over the Internet. Luckily it was a small tornado, and there weren't any injuries reported.  But when you watch the video, it seems like he should have seen it coming.  It's on the right side of the road, and it's darker than the rest of the sky. He says his camera was set to a high exposure though, and it wasn't that obvious in person.  But he's also yelling at other drivers through most of the video, so maybe he was just too busy road raging to notice it.

A Woman flips car while ramming boyfriend’s vehicle
A woman was seriously injured Sunday evening when the car she was driving rolled over due to her ramming into her boyfriend’s car, according to a Texarkana, Ark. police officer on scene. The driver was transported by LifeNet with serious injuries. According to an officer on scene the boyfriend’s car was parked and unoccupied at the time.

Slacker said that the driver in Florida ran into a karma-nado. Slacker then said when you see somebody get karma, do you have to say it in a higher pitch voice? What does karma sound like? Slacker said he also loves instant karma, aka justice porn, but any karma story is real, even if it takes longer to develop. Slacker also thought that karma-ning and karma-cane are evidence that karma works with Mother Nature sometimes.

Steve said there is no karma-nado, but since karma talks in a high pitch voice, it must still be waiting for puberty. Steve also said that procrastinate karma is not any more real than instant karma.

What is your best karma story?

Intern Scott