February 4, 2016
Cabin crew brawl forces Delta passenger plane to make emergency landing
A passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing because two stewardesses got into a mid-air fist fight, according to reports.The brawl, which the company put down to ‘work issues’, happened on the Delta plane around 40 minutes into its journey from Los Angeles to Minneapolis. A third female flight attendant, who tried to break up the brawl, was reportedly hit in the face. After being made aware of the fight at 37,000ft, the captain of the Boeing 757-200 is said to have made an emergency landing at Salt Lake City, Utah, where three staff were kicked off for "bad behavior".

Slacker and Steve are unsure of what makes up a melee. However Slacker thinks that it has to do with the displacement of a fight or what makes the fight a big deal.

What is your melee story?