OPP: Dad Moving on Too Fast

February 5, 2016
Today's ‪OPP‬ is from Nikki who is dealing with the loss of her mother who passed away 3 months ago. To add to her grief, she is also upset because her father is already dating someone else. ‬She feels as though he is dating way too fast following her mother's death and is not sure how to handle the situation. Should she confront him or not say anything at all? 
Slacker said that he felt awful for Nikki and was not sure how to help her. Slacker also wondered if she felt as though she had the right to confront him over this? He also wanted to know, how did her father meet the woman he is now dating? 
Steve said is it possible that they were dating before she passed away? Steve also wondered if he was emotionally vulnerable and speculated that perhaps he was being taken advantage of.
How would you deal with this?

Intern Scott