OPP: Dating Older with Kids

February 4, 2016
Yi Guys,
I met a guy and we have gone out on a few dates. He seems like a really nice guy so far. We get along really well and our dates have been fun and we spent the whole time laughing. But I don't know if I can be in a relationship with him. I'm 24 and he's 42 and he has a 7 year old and a 9 year old. I know I'm thinking way ahead but I never pictured myself getting into a relationship and taking care of kids. It seems like we have a lot in common but the age difference kind of scares me too. We've has a lot of fun so far so I'm not totally scared away from him, there's just a lot to think about. Am I thinking into it too much? Can a relationship work between us when our lives are so different?

Slacker thinks everyone has baggage kids included and dating a guy with kids makes you a step mom. To Slacker there is a proper way to blend family's. He thinks she still has time to run. However Slacker loves romance and thinks if you find the right person and if you are happy you should not bail. He also thinks that the maturity level of an older guy will help the relationship.

Steve thinks that if you fall in love with someone but they have baggage then you should leave. He thinks that when the negative comes out in a relationship then that is your out. Even though Steve still thinks you should go for whatever makes you happy. Steve thinks that when it comes to love Slacker thinks emotionally and not logically.