OPP: Handing Baby to Strangers?

January 4, 2016
Our OPP today comes from Nicole. She has a baby and she doesn't agree with the way her significant other handles their baby in public. He literally offers any stranger who walks by the opportunity to hold their infant, for example at the gas station or outside an convenience store. She would like some limitations or boundaries that keep the child safe and also reduce her stress level, but she also wants to make sure her child is properly socialized.
Slacker said that in todays world, it seems like children are so sheltered that even things like normal germs are scary, but that he would worry more about someone running away with their baby versus germs. Slacker does not think its as bad as Nicole is portraying it. Slacker also said that they shouldnt be worried about the baby bonding to strangers.  Although when he was a young parent, Slacker admitted to being over-protective of his son, and feels like his daughter is much more well rounded and socialized because they were not so over-protective with her. Slacker closed by saying he is considering having another baby just so he can stand on the corner and ask strangers if they want to hold the baby.
Steve said that no one knows if the strangers handling their baby have diseases or germs. He also said that Nicole's significant other subconsciously might not want to be the father.  Steve worried that even nice old ladies who want to hold the baby could have trench-mouth and give it to their baby. Not to leave anything to chance, Steve agreed with Nicole and wondered if the baby could get an attachment disorder because it keeps getting passed around to strangers. As well, he wouldn't let anyone drive his new car, how much less holding a new baby? 

Intern Scott