OPP: Husband Hired an Escort

February 18, 2016

Yi Slacker and Steve,
I just found out that my husband hired an escort a few years ago. We were in a bad spot in our marriage when it happened. He said that he's been feeling guilty about it and he felt like I had the right to know. He said he used protection and he's only done it that one time. I will admit that it really hurt my feelings to find out, but at the same time I'm glad that he did it. He could have easily slept with someone from work or a female friend, but he did it with someone that he'll never see again and for some weird reason that makes it okay with me. I always thought that something like this would be a lot harder to deal with. Why am I not more upset? Would any other women be okay with their husband hiring someone to sleep with?

Slacker doesn’t know how to answer the question he feels like the way he cheated could have been worse. He thinks in the grand scheme of things being cheated on like this is the best case scenario. Slacker says you are paying for an escort to go away not to stay.

Steve says it doesn’t erase the fact that she got cheated on. He thinks she is rationalizing it by thinking that she drove him to it. Although he thinks that hiring an escort is an hour that is meaningless.

Should Morgan be more upset? Or is it okay for her to be okay with it and continue on?