OPP: Party After Reception

January 11, 2016
Today’s OPP comes from a couple who is getting married. The bride-to-be, Amanda, called because she felt like she had an issue with the events scheduled following the wedding. They are both excited about their wedding day, they are just having issues around the events after the wedding. She would like a traditional reception while he would have a shorter reception and then rage all night at a bar with friends and others. What would you do if this was your wedding day?
Slacker said that it’s supposed to be a night that you consummate your marriage, and that he would rather spend it with his bride than with a lot of drunk strangers in a bar.  He also believes it should be a night for the bride and groom, that it’s their day to do what they want, and not supposed to be a family reunion.
Steve asked Amanda if she could do both with him? Or was it something that she could do for just a little bit before taking him home? Steve mentioned that he has been to a few weddings and that they were mostly boring and stogy and unmemorable.

Intern Scott