OPP: Pre-Marriage Fertility Test

November 17, 2016

Photo: Angel_a | Dreamstime.com

Today’s OPP is from Taylor and she needs your help! Here’s what she said:


Yi guys,
My boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage a lot lately. Having children is something that’s really important to him and his family. That being said, he has asked me to get checked to make sure that I am healthy enough and able to have children before we get engaged. He said that he doesn’t want to commit until he’s certain that I am 100% able to have kids because he’s not sure if he could be with someone that couldn’t. I thought that our love for each other is what’s supposed to be most important. Now I feel like he only sees me as this vessel to get what he wants down the road. I’m questioning if he’s really in this relationship for me. Should I get a fertility test?


Should she take the test or run?