OPP: Pregnant Relations

January 8, 2016

Today's OPP comes from Candy, who is eight month pregnant and having a difficult time convincing her husband to have intimate relations with her. She feels rejected by him when he declines her requests, and his reasons sound more like excuses to her, and only make her feel worse about herself.  She also wonders how other couples deal with this sort of scenario, and if she should just give up until after she gives birth?
Slacker said his wife's libido shut down until after she gave birth, but many women expecience an insatiable drive in their third trimester. He also said that all men are visual creatures and that to go through with relations would be difficult with someone 8 months pregnant. However, his doctor prescribed relations for he and his wife to help with their delivery, and he manned up like a champ.
Steve said that he finds most women physically unattractive when they are pregnant, and that he believes this is a very natural human response.

Lil D pleaded a nervous 5th, but admits that he worried about any risk to his wife or baby.