OPP: Tattletail Teacher

January 29, 2016

Candy is today's OPP, and she is a teacher at an elementary school. She is not sure how to deal with a child in her 3rd grade class who wears lots of make-up and acts older than she is. The chid's mom is a teachers assistant at the school, and she sees her often, but she is not sure if she should mention anything to the child's mom or if she should just mind her own business.

Slacker asked whether or not the Mom wears a case full of cosmetics like her child. Slacker also said that his daughter loves Taylor Swift and has discovered how much she loves lipstick, but that he would never let her out of the house like that. He also wanted to know if the child was overweight if she should say something then?

Steve wondered aloud whether or not Candy was just jealous of the kid's MAC make-up. Steve also wanted to know if her actions were disrupting the class, to which Candy responded yes. Steve also thought that this could lead to further problems. Steve also said he sees an emancipation in the girl's future.

How would you handle this situation?

Intern Scott