January 14, 2016
A man in Georgia used a drone to help him pop the question. Colton Lira says his girlfriend, Haley, was posing with him when she spotted the flying gadget. The quadcopter dropped down with a basket containing an engagement ring, and Coltin got down on one knee. Once Haley realized what was going on, she became emotional and said, 'yes'. Coltin says he and Haley had only been dating for a couple of months, but as soon as they met for the first time in Starbucks they both knew they were meant for each other. The couple’s now considering tying-the-knot in Tahiti.
What’s your best proposal story?
Slacker says that Steve would be the one to do an epic proposal if he was to get married in the future. But that if the woman was married before, he wouldn’t want to compete with another man’s proposal and feel like he has to outdo it. Slacker doesn’t get why women are so upset with receiving a ring that was purchased and used prior to her getting it, especially since they cost so much and men typically work really hard to afford one.
Steve said that when he was with his ex-girlfriend and it got to a point to think about a future that he had started thinking about how to propose. He thinks that the man in Georgia’s drone idea was really cool. He doesn’t believe in bad juju like Slacker does, but he thinks a used ring would be bad luck. Steve thinks that proposals should be personalized to who you’re asking. 

-Intern Jorden