Right Now Drama

January 11, 2016

Everyone goes through drama in life, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Where ever there is life, there is usually drama following right behind it like a wrecking ball. What's your drama right now?
One caller, Alexis, phoned in to say that she might be having an affair today with her boss, because they have been flirting non-stop for the past two months at work.  Although she is married, she can’t help how she feels. She is meeting her boss at a bar for happy hour, and they might be going to a hotel afterwards. She even changed her outfit in the car to be more appealing for her “meeting” with her boss.
Slacker said that he has cheated in his life before, but that he would think twice about talking about it on the radio. Also, she is risking a lot by potentially hooking up with her boss. 
Steve said to be careful because having an affair with someone you work with could lead to all kinds of problems.
Another caller had to fight her parents in a court of law to get custody of her child back, and is literally driving on the way to pick her daughter up.
Slacker and Steve both congratulated the woman for making the changes, getting better, and getting her family back.
A woman named Bailey is going to the airport and then flying to Norway to meet a guy who she has not seen in a long time without telling him that she is flying there.
Slacker was shocked that she was flying to a guy who had no idea she was coming to see him.
Steve thought it was a great idea and thought she was brave to follow her heart.
Rachel, a plastic surgeon, was going to inject silicone into a man’s private parts.
Slacker wanted to know the specifics of the operation but Steve was too grossed out to think about it.

Intern Scott