Same Day Engagement and Wedding

January 22, 2016

Anthony is our caller for today’s OPP and he called to ask the audience if he should have the wedding day on the same that he proposes to her. He has been with his girlfriend for a long time and thinks he knows her well enough and that she is spontaneous enough that she would love an “Ambush Wedding.” While he is pretty sure this will go over great, he wanted to connect with the audience and ask them what they thought.
Slacker said that Anthony’s idea sounds like a good made-for-TV-movie but that he is not sure whether or not this will work in real life.  Slacker also mentioned that men are usually not allowed to plan any part of the wedding. But he also said that wedding planning can be really stressful and expensive to plan.
Steve said that women love to plan their own day, and that even if one thing goes wrong, she will remind him of that forever.  He also said that his girlfriend’s Mom would also be upset at him and that he is rolling huge dice.

Intern Scott