Slacker and Steve - 911 Calls (Audio)

April 28, 2017

Photo: Alexandru Cuznetov |

There comes a point in every marriage where one person asks the other person to go out and buy them ice cream. In some marriages, it happens like four to six times a week. A 37-year-old woman in Nashville, Tennessee named Rhonda Blythe-Dunham asked her husband to go out and get her ice cream on Sunday. But he said he was tired from working all day and didn't want to. And that made her so angry that she called the COPS and told them he'd punched her in the face. When they got there, she admitted he hadn't punched her...he just wouldn't get her ice cream.  The cops told her she was going to be arrested for filing a false report, and she asked if she could go to the bathroom first. They let her go...and about two minutes later, they heard a loud THUD when she jumped out of the bathroom window and ran. They quickly tracked her down and arrested her. She was charged with filing a false report and evading arrest.


What's the most ridiculous reason you've ever heard of someone dialing 911?