Slacker and Steve - Ambien Stories (Audio)

April 19, 2016

Photo: Dreamstime

41-year-old Kimberly Miller is a nun at a convent in Philadelphia.  And back on November 7th, she drove to New Jersey in the middle of the night, slammed her car through the window of an auto repair shop, and then drove away. Then a cop pulled her over, and found her blood-alcohol level was 0.16 . . . twice the legal limit.  So she was arrested for drunk driving and several other charges. Anyway, she was in court this week, and here's what she blamed it on.  She says she took an Ambien that night, then had a glass of wine.  And her lawyers say they must've interacted and made her go nuts . . . because she has NO memory of the entire night. No one wants to call a nun a liar . . . but the prosecutors say the Ambien story is pretty suspect.  She never mentioned it before, and she even told the cops about other meds she was taking . . . but never Ambien. A judge is going to rule on the case next week.  And she COULD be facing jail time.  But as a nun with a clean record, we're guessing she'll get probation and a fine.  


What crazy thing did you do on Ambien?

Slacker and Steve - Ambien 4/19

A nun was caught driving drunk. She says that she does not remember anything because she was on Ambien. What crazy Ambien story do you have?