Slacker and Steve - Animal Encounters (Audio)

June 13, 2016

Photo: Maniec |

Puppies, kittens and birds, oh my! Animals can be cute and cuddly, and they can also be the exact opposite! A woman in Ohio is still encountering a deer that is nothing like Disney’s Bambie. Cindy Frost was on her property and noticed a deer with her baby fawn. She knew to distance herself from the little furry family, but turns out mama doe want Cindy to stay off her own property. Every time Cindy steps out her front door the deer attacker her. She says, “I feel like I’m a prisoner. I can’t take my dogs out for a walk; I can’t even walk down to the end of my property and when I go to my car I’m looking all around.” She says that the deer on one unforgettable encounter became extremely aggressive, reared up and ran after her. Cindy fell during the incident and suffered minor injuries. The Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife told her that the animals should move on in a few weeks. 


What happened when you had a crazy encounter with an animal?