Slacker and Steve - Animal Encounters (Audio)

September 27, 2016

Photo: Tessa Louwerens |

Today we’re talking about animal encounters and we’re not talking about ones with your furry dogs or pet fish! Many Florida residents are now having a hard time using their bathroom all because of a leaping animal… Frogs! The Bay Area has been flooded with frogs looking for food and a new home. The four legged vermin’s have been entering people’s home through the roofs. They climb through the plumbing vent pipe and then get stuck. One woman said, “Sat down and noticed there was a frog up under him… scared him to death. I loved it!” She said it has happened around seven times in two months and the exact occurrence has happened to almost all of her family members. However, there is a solution to this mess, all residents have to do is get a mesh and secure it onto their plumbing vent. 


What happened when you had a crazy encounter with an animal?