Slacker and Steve - Anyone Listening Who (Audio)

August 5, 2016

Photo: Aniram |

It’s that time where we play a game called Anyone Listening Who! Slacker, Steve and Lil’ D are competing against each other to see who knows you better. They will each be presenting a topic and they want to hear your story and which topic it relates to. Whichever story you have based on the topic, that guy will receive a point! Here are this week’s topics!


Slacker thinks that more of you have destroyed your phone in an epic way! He found a miraculous story about a woman who accidentally dropped her phone mid-flight. Here’s the crazy part, after using the Find My iPhone app to track down her device, The Canadian woman found her phone in perfect condition. Her phone landed in the dense woods in Vancouver and she says that her phone most definitely hit trees and branches on the way down, and yet her iPhone was scratch-less. 


Steve thinks that more of you have stories about brawls breaking out a funeral! He found a crazy story that involved a funeral, a mooning, and a fist fight! 62-year-old, Suzanne Troy, was attending the funeral of one of her relatives. Troy had been estranged from the family for a long time, and that is why her niece, Tracey Schweitzer, asked her to leave. Leaving was certainly not an option for Troy, as she responded by lifting up her skirt and telling her niece to “kiss her [a**].” The exchange of words escalated into a full blown fist fight in the parking lot. Witnesses said that both women “landed some nice shots” before police arrived on scene. 


Lil’ D thinks that more of you have had an encounter with an inappropriate boss. He found a story that dealt with an unbelievable situation about a supervisor and his employee. 21-year-old, Makana Milho, was serving out a six month community service sentence when she was asked to do something that was outside of her job requirements. Milho immediately pulled out her phone and hit the livestream button on her Facebook page after supervisor, Harold Villanueva Jr., “slapped and pinched her buttocks.” Her phone was sitting gently in her purse and caught the conversation between the two. Her Facebook friends all witnessed, Milho’s supervisor tell her that if she performed oral relations on him she could leave her community service early. Villanueva, continued on to tell her that he receives sexual favors all of the time from other women in the program. The video ended with Milho declining his request, but promising to keep the entire ordeal a secret. Harold Villanueva Jr. was arrested on fourth-degree sexual assault charges after the woman immediately informed the police of the situation. 


Who knows you better and what’s your story?