Slacker and Steve - Apartment Turn Offs (Audio)

August 24, 2016

Photo: Bogdan Carstina |

A new survey says that having a dirty living space can be detrimental to your love life. 82 percent of people said that they pay very close attention to the cleanliness of one’s place. We found a list of things that guy’s find to be a turn off on a girl’s place. Here’s a few from the list- Are you guilty? 


1 .Lots of photos of him when you haven’t even been together very long: This is just creepy and a little stalkerish. If you are barely dating, don’t have photos of the two of you up until it’s officially serious.

2 .A big mess: Not every guy is a slob and not every girl is a neat freak. The truth is, there are plenty of girls who are pretty gross and dirty.

3. Cat or dog hair all over the sheets: Animal lovers, don’t freak out. But if it’s not your pet, the whole hair in bed thing is kind of gross.

4. A room that looks like a teenager lives in it: You are an adult woman – your bedroom should not resemble your childhood room or your dorm. There is no need for a grown woman to have a Hello Kitty bed spread. And please do not display any trophies or awards from high school!

5 .Dishes and glasses: We have all eaten in our bedrooms before, and we’ve also been too lazy to carry the dirty dishes back to the sink, but when you know you are having company – clean up!


Now that we know what guys hate we want to talk about what girls find to be a turn off! What’s your biggest turn off when it comes to a man’s apartment or house?