Slacker and Steve - Awkward (Audio)

December 1, 2016

Photo: Kiosea39 |

Nothing is worse than an awkward moment and unfortunately we all have them, even Slacker. Recently, he had a service man working inside his house. While waiting for the man to finish up his work, Slacker decided to watch the movie “The Field of Dreams.” If you’ve seen the movie you would know how emotional it gets near the end when Dr. Archibald Graham A.K.A. ‘Moonlight’ is faced with a tough decision to either step off the baseball field and leave his longtime dream of playing baseball with the greats or go back to being a doctor to save a young girl’s life. The awkward moment came when Slacker was sobbing during this scene and the service man needed to talk to him. As he wiped his eyes, he blamed the tears on his allergies, but the service man clearly knew that Slacker was choked up from the movie. Awkward! Maybe it was when you were caught in the same predicament as Slacker or maybe it was when your top flew up in public, whatever it was we want to hear your most awkward moments! 


What is the most awkward moment you have ever had to endure?