Slacker and Steve - Baby Delivery Drama (Audio)

April 4, 2016


Jimmy John’s wants to be known for its ‘freaky fast’ delivery service. But one employee at a Florida store may have taken it too literally. The Jimmy John’s delivery man was riding his bike on his way to deliver a sandwich when he discovered that a train was blocking his path. Instead of waiting for the train to pass he decided to pick up his bike and carry it over the train. He was traveling with the train for a few seconds before jumping off. A spokesperson with the sandwich company says that its freaky fast service is the company’s priority but it needs to be done safely and legally. Jimmy John’s has responded to the video saying it doesn’t condone that type of delivery method and the store owner says an investigation is underway.


What are your delivery drama stories?

Slacker and Steve - Delivery Drama 4/4

Ordering things online has never been easier, but delivering those items can be tricky! Have you ever ordered something and gotten caught up in delivery drama or had something go crazy with a delivery person? What are your delivery drama stories?