Slacker and Steve - Bad Drivers (Audio)

November 11, 2016

Photo: Syda Productions |

Driving slow in the fast lane, stopping way too early in the merging lane and not using the blinker are just a few of a long list of things that we hate about bad drivers. However, now bad drivers have a great reason as to why they barely passed their drivers test. According to a new study, researchers discovered that poor driving is genetic! That means if your parents are bad drivers, then most likely you are as well. We see many public service announcements that stress putting your phone away while driving, but apparently we need more PSA’s that stress not changing your pants while driving! A semi-truck driver drove off a Vermont road and even flipped his big rig. When police questioned the driver as to what caused the crash, he explained that he was trying to change his pants while driving. Not only was the driver idiotic enough to stand between the two front cab seats in an attempt to change his pants, he also had a blood alcohol level of .21. Needless to say he got charged with a DUI and eventually exchanged his pants for an orange jumpsuit. 


What makes you or someone you know the worst driver ever?