Slacker and Steve - Bad Neighbor (Audio)

October 28, 2016

Photo: Daniel Raustadt |

Welcome to the neighborhood! Moving into a new residence comes with high stakes. Any neighborhood can be deceiving. No matter how pleasant and perfect it seems from the block, there could always be one terrible neighbor that turns your dream into a living nightmare. Nearly an entire community in one San Antonio neighborhood is ready to turn their block into a ghost town, all because of one man. Numerous residents have claimed to be personally victimized by their neighbor. Rocks have been thrown, tires and hoses have been slashed and even lawns have been flooded after their water was mysteriously turned on in the middle of the night. One neighbor has even claimed to have been attacked with a shovel. Many homeowners have installed security cameras and have even locked up their water main. Though the mischievous neighbor has been caught on camera, the weekly phone calls to the police have all ended in dead ends. A spokesman from the San Antonio Police Department says, “The issue we're running into is that every time we try to contact the individual, he does not come to the door. We have no probable cause, nothing that is going to cause us to knock down that individual's doors to go and get him.” The SAPD continues to encourage the frustrated residents to collect more evidence so that a warrant can be issued. 


What happened when you shared the block with a neighbor from hell?