Slacker and Steve - Big Dollar Damage (Audio)

August 3, 2016

Photo: Photoeuphoria |

Artwork, yachts, vases and ancient artifacts; the list can go on. What do these types of items have in common? They are things to not to be cautious not to damage, because it will cost you! A Florida man has learned a valuable lesson on taking care of your expensive personal belongings. He was a previous owner of a 38-foot yacht worth 170,000-dollars. Sadly, that yacht is now a pile of ash in the Atlantic ocean. After doing his business in the bathroom, the boater decided to light a candle to mask the smell and then things got really stinky. The candle tipped over and the entire yacht caught fire! The fire spread and caused damage to the surrounding boats. 


What is the most expensive thing you have ever broken?